How Yoga Can Help You Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Have you ever tried yoga before?  Before you stop reading because you think it's not for you, too hard or out of your comfort zone; read on and then see what you think.  Many years ago I would occasionally work a yoga class into my exercise routine but mostly I leaned toward walking, weights and cardio.  I honestly worked my body into an unhealthy mode of over working it and not listening to it well.  Fast forward to now, where I'm in a place of being home teaching my children and working to heal autoimmune, and yoga comes back into my life.  I do not think it was a coincidence how this played out and I'm here to share with you why giving it a try is worth it.

I want to share with you some amazing teachers that have impacted me, how this is helping heal my mind, body and spirit and why yoga can be for anyone willing to give it a try.  The development of yoga can be traced back to 5,000 years ago, but some researchers think it may be up to 10,000 years old.  I'm certainly not an expert by any means in the history of yoga, about all the types or even the names of the poses. What I do know is that it is very calming, it helps with focus and my body experiences healing through this practice.  

Yoga Teachers
I actually didn't set out to start practicing yoga.  It found me and I went with it.  I started by attending quick 20 minute online sessions with Young Living's Global Education Sacred Space team.  I even got my family to join me in some of these.  One of the teachers was Pamela Hunter.  Her style and disposition really spoke to me.  She made yoga accessible and I could ease into it with her teaching style.  Not only that, she uses Young Living Essential Oils in her practice, which brings it to a whole new level.  I have never felt such peace and wellness before in any other yoga class. You can check her out at Fun Lovin' Oils.  
Another teacher that came into my life through a random search is Caroline Williams.  She runs an online sanctuary for yoga called The Abbey.  Her yoga practices incorporate God and prayer working to bring you closer to Him.  It's so calming and you can be fully present in the practice.  I leave her sessions with a clear vision of what God truly wants for me each time.  

Can Christians Do Yoga?
This brings up the controversial question, can Christians do yoga?  I'm not here to debate this or even give you a researched answer.  What I can tell you is that I feel closer to God each time I practice yoga with a teacher who guides in a way that lets you be in the presence of God.  You set your intention when you get on your mat.  You get to decide what that looks like for you.  You can meditate and focus on the word and the presence of God.  That's what I do but that's also why I pick my teachers accordingly.  This is important to me and can be part of your yoga practice.

The last teacher I'm enjoy right now is Yoga with Adriene.  She is funny, light-hearted and so great about giving modifications.  She has a bunch of videos on Youtube.  

How it Helped Heal My Mind, Body and Spirit
Quickly after I started trying out these classes, I started to feel my mind, body and spirit changing.  Let's start with my mind.  I immediately felt more calm, especially during the practice, but it carried over into my day.  My mind did not wander as much to negative thoughts after a few weeks of practicing a few days a week. I felt more focused and it has trained me to keep my mind attentive to the present moment more. 

My body started to feel stronger and more flexible again.  I actually had a little period of time where I stepped back from doing classes because my body became flared up from my autoimmune, but after counsel from Pamela; I jumped back in slowly and do you know I started to experience immediate relief.  I physically saw my symptoms decreasing and felt my body getting stronger again.  

My spirit finds freedom in yoga.  I feel so connected to God, the Earth and my frequency is raised.  Not sure about all this frequency stuff.  Look it up because it's fascinating and it's science.  
So overall, yoga is helping me feel more centered, harmonized and connected to positivity.  It is definitely contributing to my bodies healing process.  

Yoga Can Be For Anyone
There are so many different levels and types of yoga, as well as, teacher styles.  I truly believe it's for all ages.  You get to choose how your practice looks and you can be fluid with your movements.  I feel like if your teacher can't respect that then you might need to find a new one.  I have been able to find teachers who allow me to move my body in what works for me.  So, just give it a try. Sometimes watching it or seeing someone else do it can make you think it's not for you because of the types of movements, your idea of what your body is capable of or the way yoga flows.  I'm here to say that at least giving it a few tries will let you see what you are capable of doing and how your mind feels during and after.  

Tips on What You Need to Start
You can really start with nothing but a screen to watch the videos and a mat.  
These are the other props I feel help me be successful and get the most out of my practice.

Essential Oils in Yoga
The last addition that can really enhance your practice is Young Living Essential Oils.  I love to use Frankincense, Valor, Peace and Calming and Harmony.  Essential Oils have the ability to work with the emotions and support the body systems.  Just a few ways they can help are by enhancing the calming effect, breathing and cirulation during your practice. I'm a brand partner with Young Living and I'm happy to help you get started.  You will become a part of our Joyful Oilers community and some of us practice yoga together.  We would love to have you join us.  

How do you feel about yoga? Have you tried it before? Do you have a favorite teacher?  Share with us!

*The links above are associated with Amazon.  I love and use all these products.  
As for the teachers, they are truly my personal favorites and I choose to recommend them.  I also love supporting other women in their gifts, businesses and visions.  


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