3 Ways to Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle Now
Trends are a fact of life. The majority come and go, but some stick around for good—and for good reason. Here’s why “crunchy” is a trend that’s sticking, and how adopting a crunchy philosophy can improve your life. Read on to the end to get a free recipe for my immune-boosting roller bottle—a must have year-round to stay well!
Go all the way to the bottom for that roller recipe I was telling you about.

Understanding the source can protect your health. We all know we need to eat our vegetables—but understanding where your food comes from is just as important. In this day and age, you wouldn’t believe the level of chemical contamination that’s allowed to penetrate the things designed to be put into and onto our bodies! This goes beyond just eating “organic.” Being well-informed when purchasing home & personal care products are also critical to your long term well being!

Mindfulness is transformative. It’s easy to become (and stay) swept up in the routine stress and consumption patterns we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Being crunchy means caring about you eat—but it also means being mindful of your mind, body, spirit and the space you physically and emotionally occupy. It’s incredible how shifting your focus to just one new crunchy habit can have a domino effect on your body, mind and life!

Prevention is the most effective tool when it comes to safeguarding your wellness. The “crunchy” lifestyle is all about incorporating daily practices and products that support your wellness. My favorite things to incorporate daily are antioxidant drinks and essential oils. Once I started incorporating just these two things, my wellbeing shifted dramatically. I now actually have energy to go and work out—something I always knew I needed to do, but just couldn’t get around to doing. Thanks to my secret super-crunchy daily drink, I’ve got more energy than I’ve had in years-that’s saying a lot since I homeschool 3 children.  

Healthy Roller Bottle Recipe 
10 drops Thieves
10 drops Lemon
10 drops Frankincense
5 drops Peppermint
10mL roller bottle
Top up with carrier oil or v6
Roll on bottom of feet then throw on socks when you feel you need an immune boost. Apply as often as 1x per hour depending on discomfort.

Remember what I mentioned about understanding the source?

It's important to know that all essential oils are not created equal- you can't just go out to a retailer and trust that you are going to get the good stuff.
By the way, I have a source that I completely trust- they've also got that "super crunchy" drink that gets me through the day. Want to know more? Click the button to get in touch.